uME was developed, designed, and created over three years ago to combat the massive inequality, the limited emotional support, and the social media overload youth are confronted with daily. COVID forced the world to confront the truth about the social and economic repercussions on youth. We created uME to give youth a private and secure text-based platform to talk to uME and provide them with the two things they want most: to be heard and to know their lives serve a purpose.


YOUTH ARE IN CRISIS: More than 4 in 5 Americans today suffer from loneliness. Young adults are twice as likely to be lonely than those over age 65. Strategic support for children pays massive dividends for children and for society, yet high-impact services reach a minuscule percentage of the population.

UM Foundation is confronting the truth about the social and economic repercussions on the 1.3 billion youth around the world.

uME is the vehicle in which the creation of opportunities for all will be equalized.

uME listens. uME cares. Go ahead, talk to uME.

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