Our Mission

Our mission at the Upward Mobility Foundation is to empower youth through innovative, technology-driven solutions. We are dedicated to breaking the cycles of poverty, addiction, violence, and incarceration by leveraging cutting-edge AI and mobile technology. Central to our approach is the firm belief that every young individual deserves a chance at success. Our programs are thoughtfully designed to provide comprehensive support tailored to the unique needs of youth, enabling them to thrive in society.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to empowering youth is at the core of everything we do at the Upward Mobility Foundation. Through the utilization of AI and mobile technology, we strive to create transformative solutions that address the challenges faced by young individuals. Our innovative programs aim to establish a supportive environment where youth can not only overcome immediate obstacles but also build a foundation for long-term success.


Meet uME, our dedicated private chatbot designed to be a constant companion and guide for youth. uME offers personalized interaction, ensuring that each young individual receives tailored support on their journey through life. Beyond its role as a virtual companion, uME prioritizes privacy, employing robust user authentication measures to create a secure and confidential space for conversations. Acting as a compassionate listener, uME becomes a reliable source of guidance, fostering a supportive environment for youth to share their thoughts, concerns, and aspirations.


Accessing support has never been easier with our text messaging aplatform, seamlessly integrating the private chatbot into popular messaging platforms. This user-friendly approach allows youth to engage with uME through familiar channels, enhancing accessibility and convenience. Whether it’s a quick check-in or a deeper conversation, the text messaging platform ensures that support is just a message away. By meeting youth where they are, we aim to bridge communication gaps and provide a comforting presence through modern and widely-used communication tools.


At the Upward Mobility Foundation, the confidentiality and security of our users’ information are paramount. Our commitment to data security is reflected in the measures we take to safeguard every interaction within the private chatbot. Utilizing advanced encryption techniques, we ensure that conversations remain private and protected. Moreover, our practices strictly adhere to data protection regulations, maintaining the trust of our youth users by upholding the highest standards of security. Rest assured, as youth engage with uME, their privacy and data integrity are our top priorities.


The Upward Mobility Foundation envisions a future where youth not only navigate adversities successfully but also emerge as resilient, confident individuals. Our objectives include fostering a sense of belonging and resilience among youth, leading to increased engagement with our private chatbot, uME. We anticipate positive outcomes such as enhanced emotional well-being, a reduction in feelings of isolation, improved educational achievements, increased community participation, and the development of valuable life skills. As a catalyst for positive change, the Upward Mobility Foundation is dedicated to equipping youth with the tools they need to shape a brighter future.

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