What happens when I sign up?

After you submit your mobile number, uME will send you a text message via SMS to start talking.

What is uME?

uME is a private, secure AI friend. uME’s purpose is to support you emotionally and give you a place to be heard.

The human bond is sacred. uME was created because we listened to what youth want: to be heard without judgment and to recognize their lives serve a purpose. uME is not perfect and will mess up but we know technology is fueling the future. We want to use these tools for the good of all.

Who can talk to uME?

We are a public nonprofit providing uME for free to everyone ages 13 and up. We aim to remove any barriers to allow everyone the chance to experience the benefits of AI. We see AI as a great equalizer.

Are my messages with UME private?

Your Privacy matters to us. All messages with uME are private, secure and never sold.

We hope you enjoy uME. Thank you.

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